Bandslam is the type of 80’s feelgood battle of the bands movie that somehow made its way into theaters last year 2009. It was probably riding on the success of American Idol, School of Rock and Disney movies Camp Rock and High School Musical. Yet, this movie is so much better than the early teen demographic it was trying to reach.

It has such a mid 80’s feel to it, that damn I was charmed immediately. You get an unlikely leading man Gaelan Connell who looks like Arnold Horshack of the sweathogs, but plays main character Will, a somewhat geeky musichead who doesn’t fit in at most schools. He gets tricked (so to speak) into managing a band of misfit, extremely talented musicians that wants to compete in the Bandslam competition.

There is some slightly romantic drama, but overall this is a story of forming a band. While it might be hard to believe that Gaelan Connell is between two extremely gorgeous actresses in Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka, somehow it didn’t bother me. The movie puts Vanessa in the role of an outcast slacker and yes she transforms into a BANGLES Susanna Hoffs-like beauty once you give her a guitar. Aly Michalka plays a former cheerleader high school royalty turned all around caregiving senior classman who seems to want to associate more with misfits in her goal of winning Bandslam. Both girls seem transfixed on Will’s musical sensibilities.

Rather than give anything else away, let me just say that this is the type of movie that will eventually run on TBS or cable multiple times it’s that good. Currently it’s on Showtime and where I watched it last night. I’m DVRing it to watch it again. Yes, it’s that entertaining.