My son is almost 5 years old. That’s still no excuse that I let him watch the “older” Disney shows like Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jonas Brothers LA and Suite Life on Deck. I should know better.

Regardless, I think the shows are harmless, sometimes funny and charming. So why not let him watch Camp Rock 2: the Final Jam?

Yes, it got my son off his butt dancing and singing along. He loves the battle of Camp Rock vs Camp Star. The problem is that we recorded said Jam, so it is never truly final. In fact, this past weekend Camp Rock 2 has been never ending. I think I’ve seen it 3 times this weekend. I’m sure I will see it many more times to come.

While I will not buy a Jonas Bros or Demi Lovato CD, I kinda like their songs from Camp Rock 2.  Demi’s call to arms anthem “Can’t Back Down” is very catchy. Also, the final song at the camp fire,“This is our Song” has me singing “Na Na Na na… get your Butt to Bed” to my son every night at 8:58 pm.

While Disney has a gold mine is zombifying our children into buying their DVDs and music CDs, they are also quite good at encouraging our kids to the musical and theatrical arts. Singing, learning musical instruments and even acting (like Broadway Play acting) are skills I don’t mind exposing my child to. So go ahead and bring on Camp Rock 3. I’m ready.