Also titled:  Harry Potter and the never read books and only watched some of the movies

Well what else do you need to know? Yes I’ve never read the books and I haven’t seen all the movies. I can’t remember if I saw the fourth movie, and I know I haven’t seen the fifth movie. And yet, I was deeply engaged last night as I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

It was amusing, exciting, kind of spooky and a little dark in theme. I was loving it, and then it just damn ended. It was more anti-climatic than cliff-hangery. It was bizarre. Don’t even ask me about the Half-Blood Prince advanced potions book because that was the most quickly forgotten plot line I’ve ever seen in a movie. Maybe the magic book will return in the last movie… maybe I should read the damn books.

Honestly, even with that gripe, I really enjoyed this movie so much that I’m tempted to actually start reading the series. When movies push me into reading, they are doing something right. None of the other movies gave me this itch to read, but Half-Blood Prince is turning into a rash on my arm.  

I will let you know if I break out the literature ointment. Luckily, my wife actually has a few of them to get me started…