Man vs Child look at Ponyo vs. Furry Vengeance
Ponyo is an amazing Miyazaki Film. Beautifully animated and geared right toward my son’s age of 4 years old. Magical, somewhat bizarre, but ultimately captivating. My son, as well as my wife and I were thoroughly engaged in the film from start to finish.

THEN came the Ponyo song during the credits by Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas. I was gasping for air. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS???

My son’s initial reaction was jumping off the couch and shaking that ass. He loved the song. So maybe having an adorable and serious movie and adding an overly happy crap dance song induces a jitterbugfest in kids.. That just might be what the doctor ordered to get the kids some exercise after sitting through a movie?? I still find the song off-putting.

That brings us to Furry Vengeance.
Yes I rented the movie in our hotel this weekend, since it was a rainy night. Completely horrible, but not as atrocious as I thought it would be. My son laughed at the prat falls and physically painful humor. And sometimes I did too. Overall consensus is 4-year-old approved. Adults may be underwhelmed. But again, anything that makes my son laugh, makes me smile too knowing he’s happy.

THEN the credits started and we get the actors lip-synching to “Insane in the Brain” as covered by the movie producing beast The Transcenders. They have written and created a lot of songs for movies and television. See their website here.

Well I surprisingly liked the cover song; I was just a little sad that some of the lyrics were changed (but it is a kids movie so that makes sense.) My son started running around the room saying “Insane in the MUM-brane, Insane in da brain!”  Cute. And sorta disturbing.

So let’s review:
I say —
Ponyo = Amazing movie + disturbing end song    
Furry Vengeance= Really bad but not extremely horrible kids movie + somewhat nifty end song
Son thinks —
Ponyo = Amazing movie + Jam out wiggly session track
Furry Vengeance = Funny movie + easy sing a long hippity hop