Table for Three is the sort of movie made for premium cable. It’s a quirky comedy that sells itself on the cast, and the actors and actresses are extremely recognizable. Brandon Routh of CHUCK, Jennifer Morrison of HOUSE, Jesse Bradford of my favorite movie Hackers and the not-so-favorite SWIMFAN, Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill, Johnny Galecki of The Big Bang Theory and Roseanne, and Liza Lapira of Dollhouse.

Is it funny? I’d say so.
Brandon Routh plays straight man well. As the main character, he rents out the rest of his apartment to couple Jesse Bradford and Sophia Bush (thus the title Table for Three.) Jesse and Sophia steal the show and play an obnoxious and almost psychotic couple very well. Sophia reminds me of a sexpot version of Rachael Ray… slightly annoying, but extremely charming. Jesse is also amusing, but will probably be remembered in this film for his sexual antics. Both characters decide their role is in “protecting” Brandon from jumping into a relationship with another girl. Brandon thinks the duo are actual trying to ruin his chances with potential girlfriend Jennifer Morrison.   And that’s the plot.

Is it worth your time? I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out on your Showtime, Cinemax or TMC. It’s not deep. It’s not gut-busting funny, but it is indeed charming and a great diversion.