I thought I’d try to save some money and cut off our A/C while we went on vacation last week. Not exactly the brightest idea. We came back this week to an 85 degree heated house. The weather has been in the 95-100 degree F range.

So my summer tech tip is lower the A/C in your house when away, just don’t turn it off. If you have copious amount of tech gadgets, laptops, flatscreens, and video games, the heat could actually affect them.

Point being, I came back from vacation to a rather hot house and my TV’s volume was not working. In trying to isolate the problem, I realized that my volume was connected to my stereo.
I changed my stereo to radio and the speakers worked fine on the system. So the stereo was good.

Changed it back to video, and still no sound. I unplugged the stereo and tried to transmit sound through the TV speakers. Still no sound.

Realized that the TV was strictly driven through my cable box, so I had to reboot the cable box. The cable box had suffered a malfunction from the heat. It actually worked after the reboot and I had sound in the TV again.

I then remembered this happened to my other TV in the bedroom. So if anything remember these two points:

Heat might have some effect on your electronics.

If your TV suffers lack of volume, switch to a video game or DVD player to see if your TV speakers work. If so, then the cable box or satellite box is the culprit and might need to be rebooted.