Just wanted to echo some CHUD love for two of the better DVD released movies this year. Undisputed III and Mystery Team both have been heavily talked about on the main site and message boards and are well deserved gems.

Being a fan of Donald Glover on “Community”, I rented Mystery Team as soon as I heard it was on demand. What a great little comedy that hurts me that I didn’t just buy the DVD. I feel that repeat viewings are truly necessary to enjoy this, so I think I might be splurging on this in the near future.

I also just finished watching Undisputed III today and it captured the beauty of realistic fighting that I haven’t seen in a while. I wrote a post about the movie Fighting and it was a decent little flick that unfortunately just didn’t have enough action. Undisputed III, on the other hand, will serve you a prison bowl of fist and foot and make you mop up the blood you shit. (That’s a compliment.)
So get off your ass, grab one of these movies now, then get back on your ass and watch it. You won’t regret it.