One of the bad things about the internet age is that tons of artists post crappy work based on things that are important to them, including pop culture. Conversely, one of the best things about the internet age is that tons of artists post AWESOME work based on things that are important to them, including pop culture. Also great is that a lot of the great pieces are available as decently priced art prints. Want something interesting for your wall that’s not the same old movie poster? This is your huckleberry. Make note that when choosing your internet art, it’s important to pay attention to the paper quality and print quality. – Brian Owen

Artist Brandon Schaefer offers  plenty of fun and visually striking giclee prints including this series of Ghostbusters prints. His art deco-esque title poster can be found here, while his Klutsis inspired series begins here.

Maybe Ghostbusters is not your thing. How about his smart and simple poster for They Live?

Or his very interesting and striking poster for Le Samourai?

Schaefer’s prints are priced according to size, from 24.99 for 13 x 19 up to 80.00 for 24 x 36. The entire Ghostbusters series is available for 80.00 (13 x 9) up to 256.00 (24 x 36).

Todd Slater has an entire site full of interesting art which sadly sells out rather quickly. Currently sold out yet hanging on my wall is this excellent Rushmore print which is an excellent example of his style:

He is not limited to just film art, either. He makes fantastic posters for music groups and concerts, as well, including these for The Black Keys and The Dead Weather:

At about 30.00 to 45.00 a print, these are well worth the money spent. The paper and printing processes used make for really beautiful, vibrant pieces of art.

Illustrator Adam Sidwell offers various beautiful pieces from film and television at roughly 17.50 for a 13 x 19 print.

For the Lost fan who’s not completely embittered by the final season, here’s something of note:

His wonderful take on Ghostbusters:

Omar from The Wire in a colorful print featuring the infamous quote, “You come at the king you best not miss” available as pictured in the blue/green or in a limited rainbow print:

And my personal favorite, a killer stenciled print from Breaking Bad:

If anyone wants to make it a merry Christmas for me, the above print is it. Email me for shipping address.

Canadian artist Brad Collins has a very fun and unique cartoon style that would look great on any wall. His “The love of …” series is particularly fun (I have his “The Love of America” on my wall, and it looks great! It is currently sold out as a regular sized print and not pictured but is available as a poster), as is his series of all the incarnations of the Doctor from Dr. Who. His prices are more than reasonable, and the prints’ colors look fantastic, but the paper on his regular sized prints is simply archival linen paper and not heavy weight, so they look best framed.

From his “The love of …” series, The Love of Audrey Hepburn:

From his awesomely geek-tastic series of Dr. Who portraits, The Tenth Doctor:

And his very fun iconic Star Wars image of Han and Chewie:

He has great deals for shipping and very low prices overall. He also offers most of his pieces as larger sized posters on heavier stock paper and even canvases. He also seems to be a heck of a nice guy. When I received my print from him, he took time to write a personalized note for me explaining why he like Gangs of New York among other things.

Paul Pape is offering one of the most unique artistic offerings on the internet. Originally limiting it to a batch of 200, he recently lifted the ban, but he won’t finish before Christmas. What is it exactly? For 50.00 Paul will sculpt you however you like from whatever picture you want in whatever pose you desire encased in carbonite. If you have everything you ever could have wanted as far as Star Wars memorabilia goes, I can guarantee you don’t have you, full body, encased in carbonite.