You might not believe that I spent 6 months of my life playing through a 40 hour game of The Glory of Heracles on the Nintendo DS. And yet I did.

Just today I put to bed a game that took 6 months to complete, and I think the reason it took so long was the fact GOH could not hold my interest. I’ve always played my DS games in 15 minute intervals. Those games that grab my attention, I wind up spending more and more time on.

The biggest problem with GOH was that the everyday battles were waaay too long, and I could never make enough progress in 15 minute intervals that would propel my interest forward.

So let me just run down the good and the bad:
GOOD: Battle animations. Probably the best I’ve seen in an RPG. Every character has a different animated move for attacks and magic.

BAD: as stated, even minor battles can take 5 minutes.

GOOD: The Story was surprisingly good. Amnesiacs are common in RPG’s but these forgetful fighters have the blood of GODS running in their veins.

BAD: Even tapping on the DS can’t progress the words fast enough in dialogue mode.

GOOD: BIG BIG monsters

BAD: BIG Monsters kick your ass

GOOD: The AI of the monsters is smart. They can be relentless

BAD: The AI of your teammates on automatic is awful. You will die if you choose automatic fights.

GOOD: Story’s humor

BAD: Bwhahahaha!! (you’ll hear that alot)

Final thoughts? I’d give Glory of Heracles a 6 out of 10. Its overall a pretty good RPG, but the battles were so brutally long I could never muster the strength to plow through this game.