I used to answer each and every odd and fun question posed on the
boards in the old days in these “Your Questions For” threads,
the results were often a lot of fun. Basically folks could ask me
they want and I’d answer it honestly, jokingly, or with tons
snark. Either way it was fun and it helped to illustrate the
of the site, the readers and their opinions, and answer
for new readers who don’t know what makes the site tick, who
I am,
and why the fuck I am only five foot seven. So, I’ve resurrected
It’d be great to run one of these a week, but that’s up to you! use
links at the bottom of the article to contribute.

Note: I now have put my answers directly below the questions in the multiple question entries. My answers are green.

Chris Meyers asks:

1) Are TLN, PKG and TKS only studio bands or did you guys ever have real gigs? If you haven’t yet, why not?

Our music isn’t the kind of music today’s people would give a fuck about. We don’t do covers, and we jump from instrument to instrument on nearly every song. And we write and record hundreds of songs. And we have like three fans. Nah, I think we pretty much do it for our own therapeutic reasons. But, if there was interest, us old guys can rock some ass.

2) Were you involved in the actual shooting of Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark?

Yeah! I was in Melbourne Australia for a few weeks and had one of the great times of my life.

3) You said you’d like to do a movie yourself one day. Are we speaking
low budget stuff like 11CA or something bigger? Is 11CA deader than Dana
Carveys big screen career?

I have about 60 different ideas of various sizes.

4) Do you prefer sitting at a table asking directors/writers/actors about their stuff or would you actually prefer to be the director/writer/actor asked?

If I ever earn that distinction, definitely the latter. That said, my answers wouldn’t be very scholarly.

5) Can you imagine ever stopping reading so much about movies and just
watching whatever sparks your interest the week it actually starts?


6) You say you love sea beasts. What are your favourites, real and mythical?

The real ones are so amazing that nothing fake can compete. Watch the Blue Planet ‘The Deep’ to see a casting call of my faves.

Are there any youthful ambitions or dreams that you’re surprised you’ve achieved? 

I haven’t realized any of my dreams yet, but sometimes I’m surprised I get to talk about The Ghoulies and sorta make a living doing it.

Dre mentioned in the Box Office thread that you want him to go by his real name. Why is that if you don’t mind my asking?

think anonymity is the worst thing the internet has brought us. I think
you should live and die on your own name. There are exceptions for some
folks for professional reasons but Damon’s a good writer with a voice
and I’d rather he capitalize on that.


Princess Kate

1) Is there any chance you’d ever share more info on your Alexander III of Macedon thesis?

See, the joke was that I said I wrote my thesis on Alexander and then I called him dumb, which is not what a scholar of the man would say.

2) In case it helps, the show is called BORN SURVIVOR with Bear Grylls in the UK. You may like that title more

It doesn’t help.

Peter Judson asks:

How important is sharing similar taste in movies/music/misc. culture to a relationship?

Not. Not changing the person you met into something you want them to be is the only important thing.

Philip J. Titsworth asks:

Nick, I know there’s an Iphone app in the works, but what about us Android users?

You’re going to have to wait. But we’ll have a mobile optimized version of the redesign.

DontEATnachos asks:

Nick, why even make an ‘app’? Are the advertising revenues on mobile
apps better than on a mobile website? With HP’s WebOS, BlackBerry OS,
iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and whatever it is Nokia uses (MeeGo or
Symbian), does it really even make sense to make an app and not focus on
making a mobile accessible version of the site so that all smart phone
users can visit?

Because I love my readers.

Schwartz asks:

What TV series have you fallen the hardest in love with, only to be let down the furthest by the end?

I don’t really have one. I’d say The X-Files, but I don’t harbor ill will towards it.

Book series?

I realized early on that I hate The Dark Tower. Otherwise, the Shannara books.

Movie franchise?


Fast food franchise?

I normally would say Chick Fil-A but their moral bullshit’s wearing me out. So, I guess… Subway.

Paul Allen asks:

With hindsight, what would say would be the thing you were most wrong about?

That my good deeds would go unpunished.

Best Robot?

Off the top of my head The Iron Giant. Or Old B.O.B.

If we win, who’ll lose?


Ken Savage asks:

1. Do you get a chance to read any of the blogs, if so how are we doing?

I do. It’s a case by case. The ones I appreciate most are the ones that are entertaining and unique rather than just doing reviews or whatever.

2. Have you any idea who the “Shitty Parking Person” is yet?

I do, and it’s a sweet older woman from my office. It diminishes the overall thing. I was hoping it was one of a cadre of really rude Asian dudes in my office but it’s a really nice widow who I will still take car pictures of but not someone I have capacity to hate.

3. Do you think The Stig going public (and publishing a book) a was a
really selfish thing to do? And how do you think Top Gear should handle
it on their return?

As long as me as a viewer doesn’t have a different experience in watching the show, I’m all good.

Tim Long asks:

Weaveworld mini-series, I know it will never happen, but would you like to see it?

No way.

2) What beer or liquor are you digging lately?

A longer answer is below but recently I’ve been digging Malibu’s watermelon coconut rum.

3) What is your favorite Ted Raimi performance?


4) What is your favorite television theme song?

Star Trek.

Shadows and Fog. Thoughts?

Good. Artful as the dude gets.

6) Do you like Super Mario Bros. 2?

I do, but I always hated the physics of Luigi.

Lloyd Dobler asks:

1. what do you think of the V reboot?

It’s alright. I can’t look at Scott Wolf for any extended period of time though.

2. Matthew Goode as Superman yay or nay?


3. What the shit is going on with Sam Raimi?

He’s counting his money, wearing suits when the photo crew’s around, and not writing any great movies.

4. When the hell is the next David Lynch film being made?

Sadly, I don’t even care.

5. Favourite unmade film?

11 Colonels ATTACK!

6. Favourite underrated film?

Off the top of my head, 25th Hour.

7. Have you ever been on my website the lost movies?

I have not.

8. Tips for getting noticed in the movie blogosphere?

Sadly, be a reptilian sellout. Or bust ass and not be concerned with getting noticed and hope people respond to your work.


Barry Woodward asks:

1. What are some conspiracy theories you think might be true?

Religion was created to keep us in line as a collective. Oh wait, I’m sure it’s true.

2. Which serial killer film do you prefer: “Manhunter”, “Seven”, “Silence Of The Lambs” or “Zodiac”?

Zodiac. But if hard pressed, Citizen X may be my #1.

3. How many Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger films have you seen and which is your favorite?

A good amount. The Life and Death of Colonels Blimp, for sure.

4. How discerning are you/will you be with what age appropriate films you expose your children to?

Not too much, actually. It’ll have 100% to do with content, not a hard stance against violence or nudity on principle.

5. Now that studios are buying up graphic novels left and right, have
you ever considered making one out of one of your scripts as a
roundabout way of getting it picked up by a studio?

I tried several years ago, and ran out of money to do it. But for me, it’s totally about getting some of these ideas out there because it’s impossible to think they’d make it any other way without changing massively.

6. Which Philip Marlowe film do you prefer: Howard Hawks’ “The Big
Sleep”, Edward Dmytryk’s “Murder, My Sweet” or Robert Altman’s “The Long

Love them all but in different ways. The Big Sleep probably, but I love them all.

7. In an alternative universe where the Coen brothers had “No Country
For Old Men” end with the Tommy Lee Jones character with the money (to
retire with) after taking out Chigurh, do you feel it would change your
enjoyment of the film (assuming everything else were the same)?

Yes it would. Its ending only adds to the unique and amazing nature of that flick.

8. What are some clichés that you actually don’t mind seeing in films?


9. Besides 3D, what’s the next big thing in the film industry?

It hurts to even fathom what’s next.

10. They say digital media will eventually make physical media extinct. If that’s true, what will you miss about physical media?

The whole… physicality of it all.

From Email, Rich Fulcher asks:

What are the adult beverages of choice of the CHUD staff

I’m a big fan of Laphroig scotch, Woodford Reserve bourbon, Meyers Rum, Licor 43 and American Honey for sweet after dinner drinks, love Malbec and port on the red wine side, and if I HAVE to drink beer I’ll have Boddington’s, Newcastle, or Guinness. Steve drinks anything but is a big fan of Bulleit bourbon. If he’s paying, he’s a fan of the cheapest shit he can find. Andrea likes Makers or Meyers with coke and drinks margaritas. Renn doesn’t drink, but to keep the proprietor at bay ordered a Blood & Sand at the fancy speakeasy we went to on Tuesday.

From Email, Col. Willie Sharp asks:

Every time I open my phone’s web browser, A google image
search of Robert Z’Dar shows up instead of google? Should I try to “fix”
this? Or should I embrace the fact that my phone is haunted by Maniac Cop?

You are being had.

From Email, Tim Nelson asks:

What is the favorite movie watching experience you have shared with your kids so far?

Maybe Wall-E.

From Email, Chris Cunningham:

I came into some money. What could I do to help you guys out if I were so inclined?

If you read the site as often as you can and recommend it to folks it’s amazingly powerful. If it boils down to putting money to work, you can do the Paypal thing or use our Amazon link or donate something awesome for a contest. I’d recommend buying Lucky Nightsticks and Killing Swarm CD’s but they’re a very specific kind of music. Or heck, buy an ad on the site!

From Email, Andy Chirchirillo asks:

What do think of Outlaw Vern?

I respect what he’s been able to do with a very high concept.

From Email, Gilles Bosse asks:

I just found out about all the Devin drama.  I know you probably want to put it all behind you, but I have to know one thing: How and why did Devin become the world’s biggest douchehammer?Looking forward to a new and improved CHUD,G.

I’ve put this situation as behind me as I can.

From Email, Russ Krone asks:

1. Any interest in these sequels for next year–Transformers 3, Scream 4, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, The Hangover 2, Fast Five?

Hangover and Pirates, but my expectations are tiny.

2. Favorite one-hit wonder director?

Marlon Brando.

3. REM, Pearl Jam, or U2?

Pearl Jam by a lot.

4. My favorite Chud list is still 100 Films That Deserve More Love.  Any plans to continue the list one day?  Maybe films from the 2000’s?


5. Is the Major League Baseball season too long?

You are asking the wrong guy. I want baseball to end October 30th and begin December 1st.

6. 80’s or 90’s Hackman?

Why didn’t you list 70’s? I guess 80’s.

7. Last great movie soundtrack you bought or downloaded?

Jon Hopkins’ Monsters score.

From Email, TheTalentedMrHardin asks:

1.  Will the projected success of The Avengers looming, do you think a Justice League movie would be a hit as well?

The Justice League is silly.

2.   Aside from Passion of the Christ and Birth of A Nation, what movie do you think should never be rebooted/reimagined?

There’s a CHUD List going right now…

3.  Ok, so if a multi-billionaire decided he wanted a Spiderman 4 movie, and paid the expected actors to be in it, and he only did this so he could have this movie for himself (nobody would see it but him…), can that guy be sued… successfully?

Nah. It’s a fan flick.

4.  Have you ever tried to get a movie on the Sci Fi Channel?  I would be interested to see if you can match the silliness of Mansquito.

I was very close, but then I realized the person I was working with is a no good cunt.

5.   I can see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Namor… but what other superhero(or villian) role can you see him in?

Ben Grimm and little else.

6.  Can you possibly foretell the next big thing after 3D?

Good storytelling.

7.  What happened to Gabrielle Union?  I mean I thought she was one Oscar nominated performance from being at a level where Taraji P. Henson is currently.

I don’t know, but I hope a Playboy spread is her key to a return to fame.

8.  Give me your opinion on something.  Me and my cousin were working on a Mockumentary, sort of in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap, for Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate from Coming To America.  Do you think a movie like this could recharge Eddie Murphy’s career?

No. I’d say to come up with your own idea rather than ride someone else’s.

9.   Can you have a Contest for The Last Dragon movie?  And could you go ahead and declare me the winner already?

Yes. You won an appreciation for The Last Dragon. Berry Gordy is proud of you.

10.  Do you think the vampire from Let The Right One In can beat the angst ridden, sparkly vampires of Twilight, and do you think the werewolves would fall in love with her?

Yes. I don’t care.

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