First off, be aware that this is not news (except for the unlikely possibility that it pans out, in which case I’ll grab some credit for getting in on the story early).  It’s barely even a rumor.  It hovers squarely between speculation and fanwank only.  The TV project itself is only in the forming stages, slated for a 2011 telemovie / backdoor pilot.  But if / when it comes together fully, your computer will probably be blowing up with casting possibilities, so it’s probably best to consider this a dry run.  Besides, it was an excuse to slap up the picture you see to the right.

Coming on the heels of news that David E. Kelley was working on a possible TV adaptation for Wonder Woman, the website What’s Playing has thrown it out there that the very shapely South African model, Tanit Phoenix, could possibly get a crack at the bracelets and star spangled spank suit.  Phoenix only started acting around 2005, but has gotten parts of various sizes in Lord of War, Wesley Snipes’ Gallowwalker, Lost Boys: The Thirst and Death Race 2.  Interesting side note: Tanit means “goddess of life and death” in Phoenician. 

Eliza Dushku’s name was also thrown out there in the article.  She’s previously commented on the possibility to UGO: “Someone is going to have to pick between me, Megan Fox and Beyoncé.
Those are, I think, the three names that always circulate with the
Wonder Woman rumor.” She then added, “I think once somebody gets a
clearer vision of the Wonder Woman that they want, then maybe we’ll see
what happens with those rumors.”
  What does that ultimately mean?  Nothing, since I don’t think Dushku would be tapped to headline another series for a while; especially this one.  Besides, it’s probably a good bet this property would go to a relative unknown like Phoenix or someone else.