As most shows are ending their 2010 run, here is my rundown of season finales for 2010 in complete rambling format.
Just for the record, I’m only highlighting the shows I watch and have watched from Day one. Possibly and most likely spoilers follow:

Grades for best finale Drama:
Fringe-Stepping into the alternate world was a step in the right direction. Peter, Walter and Olivia have all grown as characters. Let’s hope next season continues to follow both realities and not forget the other world.
Explosion? Yes. Gun grenade wipes out alternate police/FBI.
Grade A+

House- House is alone. Was alone. Now Cuddy is at his side. 13 might be leaving? Explosion? Yes Building crumbles on patient’s leg.
Grade B+

CSI Miami-knows how to do cliffhangers and watching the CSIs all fall down, not breathing and leaving Eric in crisis mode calling for help.  Horatio left not knowing his department is in danger.
Explosion? Yes. One Man’s face and arms explode in fire.  
Grade B+  (only because most of this was revealed in the previews)

Burn Notice-ends with Michael waking up in a chair in a most civil looking library. Who is his captor?
Explosions? Always.
Grade B+

White Collar-Neal charms his way to leave with Kate on a plane and then Explosion! Grade A-

Best Finale Comedy- Psych- Gripping Mystery. Shawn must save try to save Juliet and Abigail. Creepy ending. This episode was more serious than funny. Psych does both very well. New season starts this summer and I can’t wait.
Explosions? None necessary.
Grade A+

Chuck-I was weary of a 2 hour finale. But Chuck delivered the goods.
Explosions? Armored Car hit with missle from Casey’s car. Buy More Crumbles.
Grade A+

HIMYM-Not many laughs. Didn’t get us anywhere with Ted. Focused more on Robin, Lilly and Marshall. Grade B-

Community-One last dance. Will Winger choose Britta or Teacher whose name escapes me??  Neither he walks out and kisses Annie.
Explosions? Not this episode but see paint ball episode.
Grade A-

Series Ending- LOST- Say what you will about LOST, I got teary-eyed at the Saiyid-Shannon reunion and the Charlie and Claire reunion. 2 ½ hours went by fast. The ending left me empty inside only because it was expected.
Explosions? Crumbling island.
Grade B

Any more shows with fantastic endings I should be watching? Let me know on the message boards.