think we all need at least one really nice positive thing about the
entertainment business every single day of the year, including weekends.
Sometimes it may be something simple, like a video that showcases
something fun and sometimes it may be a movie poster that embraces the
aesthetic we all want Hollywood to aspire to. Sometimes it may be a
long-winded diatribe. Sometimes it’ll be from the staff and extended
family of CHUD.com. Maybe even you readers can get in on it. So, take
this to the bank. Every day, you will get a little bit of positivity
from one column a day here. Take it with you. Maybe it’ll help you
through a bad day or give folks some fun things to hunt down in their
busy celluloid digesting day.

By Nick Nunziata (Author Page, Facebook Page, Twitter Page)

What I’m Thankful For:

Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.

Some of you cook. Some of you don’t. Some of you like it when we talk about other stuff besides movies and some of you don’t. The ‘Thankful’ column is a chance to get to know the writers (and sometimes readers) better and to reflect on something positive every day so I don’t really give a damn what the naysayers think. This is good for the soul, well at least David Soul.

If you cook, you may be familiar with Jane’s seasonings. There’s a whole line but the salt is by far the most important. If you are seasoning a steak it is a godsend, because even though a good steak doesn’t need to be seasoned (though there are plenty of fun ways to prepare them with rubs, spices, marinades, and whatnot… including coffee!) a little can go a long way. Especially if it’s this stuff. The manner in which it does its magic is very ideal for someone who wants the meat’s flavor to really pop. Before I was married and living in an apartment with a couple of friends I got massive mileage out of cheap skirt steaks, a tiny bit of butter, and a shaker of Jane’s. We ate like kings, even though we were more like serfs.

But burgers is where the magic is. Last week I cooked burgers for friends and family and everyone was talking about them the next day. In fact, my wife and I almost got into a spat over the last one in the fridge. The secret weapon: Jane’s.

Here’s how:
  • Fire up the BBQ and make sure you’ve soaked some hickory and tossed them champions on your coal once it’s ashen (not a fan of gas grills myself).
  • Get some nice chopped meat. As lean as possible.
  • Wash your hands very well you fucking pig.
  • Get one of those little jars of chopped garlic in olive oil, a cylinder of Progresso bread crumbs, some Dale’s Seasoning, and some Jane’s.
  • Get a bowl and put just a modest amount of the bread crumbs in there. A little goes a long way with bread crumbs too.
  • Plop about three teaspoons of garlic in there.
  • Shake a liberal amount of Jane’s, maybe two teaspoon’s worth.
  • Make meatballs out of the chopped meat and, using your thumb, make an indention about an inch deep. Fill that sucker with Dale’s.
  • Roll your balls around in the the bowl, covering it with hot loads of the ingredients. Roll them balls until they’re covered in sex!
  • Mash them into patties, making sure there’s no loose bits of meat hanging off. If an ingredient seems to be neglected, make it right!
  • Grill them like a lord. Flip them, keeping it as pink as possible on the middle without risking anyone’s life.
  • If you’re feeling special and haven’t had a heart attack in the family, using a brush, give them a once over with melted butter.

The Jane’s does an amazing job of bringing out the best in meat. The Dale’s compliments it surprisingly well, just so long as you don’t let it overpower everything. I’m telling you this: you will find a lot of great uses for this little spice savior.

Thanks Dad, for passing this little bit of life knowledge down before heading on your way. And thanks to me for adding my own twist to it.

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