I like hot dogs. I like good hot dogs. On the occasion I go to a ball park, I expect GREAT hot dogs. Unfortunately, I am constantly disappointed. Must I be drunk to actually enjoy a hot dog  at a baseball game?

We went to the Bulls Athletic Park this weekend to see the Durham Bulls play Scranton. One of the best Triple A stadiums in America has some of the worst damn dogs I’ve ever tasted. God. I don’t know why I keep buying them. I keep thinking maybe I just got a bad one, but everytime I taste the awful.

Last year I had the opportunity to go to the Metrodome in Minneapolis to see the Twins. I figured Major League dogs must be good.

Sorry. Another shitty hot dog. I might be going back this year to see the new stadium; I hope to heavens they upgrade their wieners.

The last great hot dog I had was 13 some years ago at a Baltimore Orioles game. It was heavenly, and yes I was drunk off my ass. But I remember it vividly for being phenomenal. So really, can someone offer up a great baseball stadium where the hot dogs actually taste good anymore?