I was excited to get back out to the theater for family movie afternoon. We bought matinee tickets to How to Train Your Dragon, 2 adults and 1 child. Total $21.00.

Kind of expensive, but we don’t go to the movies very often, so I had a budget of $40 for the outing. It wasn’t until I went to the concessions that I choked on the combo prices.

First off, the theater in Brier Creek, Raleigh, NC doesn’t list the prices of their combos. You can prepick a 1,2, 3 or 4 which are different popcorn combinations but the prices are conveniently left off.

I figured a #3 Medium popcorn and Medium drink would not be that outrageous. Then the concessions-in-training told me it would cost $18.


I quickly gave the teenager a WTF look and said “No that is wrong.” I looked up at the prices of individual popcorns. A medium was like $8. There was no way a medium slushie was $10 dollars.

I could see the panic his eyes. He did something wrong. He was afraid he pushed the wrong button. He talked to his manager and it turns out the total was $13. That’s when I said, “OK that sounds better.”

So after that minor scare, I was actually able to leave the theater with some money in my pocket. Oh and most importantly, How to Train Your Dragon was an amazing film for children and adults. In fact I could almost justify spending another $34 to see it again.