I finally broke down and watched Twilight this week. Yes, has it been almost 2 years since its release?

I gotta say, this movie held my interest for the 2 hours it ran.. but just barely. Not much happens in this film at all. But as I watched Twilight I couldn’t help but think of two other movies…

1) The Craft. The Craft is easily a better film solely due to the wonderful performance by Fairuza Balk. And I think there are not as many movies about witches as there are of vampires.

2) Battlefield Baseball. I actually enjoyed the baseball game in Twilight. I’d watch a whole movie about vampire baseball! Wait a second.
I did see the Japanese movie Battlefield Baseball. It is close to the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Maybe a whole movie about vampire baseball is a bad idea.

So there you go. Twilight reminds me of a decent teen horror flick and an atrociously bad non-funny Troma-esque film.

I probably need to wait another 2 years before I attempt to see the second film.