I used to answer each and every odd and fun question posed on the
boards in the old days in these “Your Questions For” threads,
the results were often a lot of fun. Basically folks could ask me
they want and I’d answer it honestly, jokingly, or with tons
snark. Either way it was fun and it helped to illustrate the
of the site, the readers and their opinions, and answer
for new readers who don’t know what makes the site tick, who
I am,
and why the fuck I am only five foot seven. So, I’ve resurrected
It’d be great to run one of these a week, but that’s up to you! use
links at the bottom of the article to contribute.

Don S asks:

Hey Nick,

Many humble thanks for the opportunity to blog for CHUD. My question is related:

Back in March when you put the call out you mentioned that with the
redesign the blogs are going to get a lot more prominence. I’m already
starting to notice that with Eileen’s Friday Blogger Spotlight posts that go up on the main page. Is this what you were talking about, or are there even bigger plans in mind eventually?

Either way, I consider it an honour and a privilege to be able to write
in any capacity for the film site that I love. Thanks again!


Much bigger plans for the bloggers. Much more exposure. The redesign and new MB/site integration will make you happy.

The Lucas asks:

Have you finally seen The White Ribbon? What did you think?

Are you excited for any upcoming Home Video Releases?


Not yet, but I bought the Blu-Ray!

Alien Egg Box Set.

Schwartz asks:

What is your greatest fear for your children re: what they grow up to be?

Do you still play any video games outside of HALO?

Can you name 3 ways to use $120 million that would benefit the city of Atlanta more than locking in Joe Johnson for 6 years?



Baseball games, Tiger Woods, lots of puzzle games, and other shit lying around. I still get the big games but ultimately never have time to play them. Nor would I want to. I haven’t finished a Halo game campaign since Halo 2.

How about a thousand bucks for the 120,000 poorest people in the state? How about a thousand bucks to the first 120,000 people to out a homophobe or racist in their community? How’s about a $120,000,000 CHUD.com Mall/Movie Theater/Arcade/Bar/Cigar Shop/Brother/Hair Salon/Manitou Retrieval Shop?

Paul Allen asks:

What’s next for Christopher Nolan?

Nick Answers:

Whatever he wants!

Adrian Dyka asks:

Tag-team review between Renn and yourself was awesome, as was his I Am Love review- can we expect more?

Opinion of Scott Pilgrim?


My review of Scott Pilgrim. There will be more, not less of Renn in the future. And Tag Teams when it makes sense.

Barry Woodward asks:

1. Considering John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is one of your favorite films, what do you think about the upcoming prequel?

2. If John Dahl recast Edward Norton’s character Worm for “Rounders II”
with Joaquin Phoenix or Mark Ruffalo, how would you feel?

3. Titus Welliver (“Deadwood”, “Lost”, “Sons Of Anarchy”) has an uncanny
resemblance to William Powell. Would you be cool with him playing Nick
Charles in a remake of “The Thin Man”?

4. What are your top five favorite comedy films?

5. J.J. Abrams is a huge fan of “The Twilight Zone”. If he ever
resurrected the series, which filmmakers would you like to see tackle an

6. Would you be interested in a Luc Besson directed sequel to “Léon” or “The Fifth Element”?

7. Would there be enough of an audience for a R-rated Pixar film to be financially viable?

8. Which action icon would you rather see Quentin Tarantino work with: Harrison Ford or Sylvester Stallone?

9. What do you think about the idea of Timothy Olyphant taking over as Indiana Jones when the series is rebooted?

10. In an alternative universe where George Lucas was never born, what do you think the film industry would be like?

11. Did Mookie do the right thing?

12. What’s your opinion of Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise” and
“Before Sunset”? Would you like to see a third film with the characters
(not counting their “Waking Life” cameo)?

13. What’s your take on Charlie Kaufman’s “Synecdoche, New York”?

14. Stallone now says that “Rambo” was the perfect place to end the
series but he was planning to do more films with the character. Why the
change of heart? Any chance he’d reconsider? Would you have liked to see
John Rambo take on sex traffickers, drug lords and genetically
engineered beasts?

15. What’s your opinion of John Duigan’s “The Year My Voice Broke” and
the sequel “Flirting”? Would you like to see the director re-team with
actor Noah Taylor to finish off the “Danny Embling trilogy”?

16. Which company is producing comedy films that speak to you more: Apatow Productions or Broken Lizard?

17. Dan Aykroyd wants Eliza Dushku to strap-on a proton pack for “Ghostbusters III”. What do you think?

Nick Answers:

1. I am indifferent. Since Carpenter’s version is a remake it’s hard to get too up in arms. That said, because it doesn’t feature the original cast or Mr. Carpenter or Mr. Bottin, it’s just another flick. We’ll see.

2. Furious, but I can promise you there would be no Rounders 2 without Norton and Damon. Listen to my interview with the writers.

3. Sure. I love him.

4. Trading Places. A Fish Called Wanda. The Big Lebowski. Young Frankenstein. Airplane!

5. Me. Within the next 4 years I will have directed at least a TV episode.

6. Not really.

7. Yes, but it defies the whole point of Pixar.

8. Stallone.

9. There is no reason to reboot Indy. Or have any sequels or prequels. Or the last movie.

10. Considerably different, but I’m not convinced it’d be worse.

11. What, play uninspired point guard for the Hawks?

12. Pretty good shit, and sure. And fuck Waking Life.

13. never saw it.

14. The great thing about John Rambo is that you could have a film where he fights an alien followed by a film where he nurses a baby panther back to health and it’s perfectly fine.

15. I saw Flirting and I have no interest in the rest.

16. Both speak to me loudly and clearly.

17. I wish everyone in the world would stop giving a fuck about Ghostbusters. One good movie, one shitty movie, and a lot of years. Super tired of anything involving that series.


Bluelouboyle asks:

Thoughts on the latest Jack Reacher novel, 61 HOURS? I liked it a lot. Looking forward to the second part later this year.

And if a movie ever got made, who should play Reacher? A bulked up Garret Dillahunt? Cole Hauser?


I liked it a lot more than the last 3 or 4. I also look forward to it, especially with the cliffhanger…

Someone big and thick and believable. Therefore, an unknown. Garret Dillahunt may be my least favorite ‘alternative flavor of the month’ actor in recent memory.

Duke Fleed asks:

Nick Nunziata, Are you going to…New York Comic Con, this year? Sure
it is not as popular as San Diego Comic Con, but in only 4 years it has
grown in leaps and bounds. I have gone all 4 years, and it is worth the
trip. Good luck, and continued success with…CHUD.COM, still…THE
best site on the net.


No sir. Unless Disney/Miramax wants me promoting our amazing film there.

Mike’s Pants asks:

Nick, you sexy fellow.

If The Avengers sets the box office on fire and makes a huge amount of
money what effect, if any, do you think it will have on future studio


None really. The Marvel films live in a vacuum.

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