So today I’m trying to wrap my head around moving my little entertainment stand out of the living room, while me and the mrs. will be having carpet installed on Friday.

The good news, with the advent of the flat screen TV, huge entertainment centers are a thing of the late 90’s. We were able to chunk our big entertainment stand about 3 years ago when we bought the flatscreen. The bad news is I still have a small stand and many wires connecting TV to DVR to DVD to 2 video game systems.

My TV is not wall mounted. It is attached to the actual corner wedge stand. My first thought is to just  disconnect the cable and try to move the whole honking stand and all. That would be a piece of cake. The bad news is that the 2 shelves are made of glass and I don’t want to break the stand and everything on it. In theory, all I need to do is slide this unit into our bedroom during the carpet install. That is just hoping this baby will glide.

The carpet guys will help move furniture. I just don’t know if electronics on stands count as furniture.

My other option is just to disconnect each electronic device and remove the tv from the stand too. That would be the most logical and most tedious answer though.

Has anyone else gone through this? Does anyone make diagrams when they disassemble their electronics? If I do this Thursday night, I realize one DVR will not be recording my shows!

Feel my pain on the message boards..