better to be the fleshy fellow among felt friends in The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made than Jason Segal? An avowed Muppet
fiend, he has long been attached to the resurrection of the puppet
characters as the screenwriter (along with Nicholas Stoller), and now he
will play what seems to be a version of himself- a man determined to
reunite the Muppets!

How this fits in with our
previous understanding of the story
–the Muppets are working to
save their theater by putting on an epic show– is unclear, if that’s
even still the central idea. Everything has been played pretty close to
the chest on this project during its long gestation period. Flight Of The Conchords
maestro James Bobin is till in the director’s chair- one hopes he gets
this going soon. If people are signing on the lines that are dotted
though, then it just might be near initiation.

Expect nerd eyes to keep keep a close
watch on this one.

Source | THR

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