I never understand why people create user names with numbers after them for online profiles.

In fairness, I guess they don’t CREATE them that way as much as they ACCEPT them.

Things like Darkknight367 or KrazyLogan75 – why not just come up with ANOTHER name that 74 people have not taken before you? 
Isn’t that the equivilant of pretty much saying

“I am too lazy to think of anything else and as such have resorted to actually admitting my total and complete lack of creativity.  Henceforth I will be but a numbered cog.”

Now if the number actually makes SENSE in a humorous or logical way; that is a different story – “Breakin’2-Electric Boogaloo”, while not at all easy to type into a Blackberry with one hand whilst cruising the belt Parkway at two in the morning IS at least entertaining in an odd sequel inspired way.  Much the way “Godfather3” would be a good name or “Rocky4″ (The obvious exception being if you were actually a MOVIE with either of those names.).

Rocky73 however – not a good screen name!  (Although if Stallone makes yet ANOTHER Rocky film that could end up being his age in it at which point I will apologize to the dude getting email at rocky73@gmail.com

I understand that this is not easy as most of the good names are taken. Hell I really wanted to be “AlyssaMillano” on Twitter but that goofy chick from “Whose the Boss” beat me to it by moments.

So did I become AlyssaMillano37 ? No I did not.  I chose a different name.

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