Last week the internet had a lovefest with Nicolas Cage as Everyone.

It’s funny because I had just watched two of his movies in a row: Bangkok Dangerous and National Treasure 2.

It seems most people either love or hate Nicolas Cage, and I’m in the camp that enjoys his work, but I think it ultimately depends on his hair.

Yes, the better his wig, the better the dig. I watched Bangkok Dangerous this weekend and thought the movie was pretty average with bits of goodness sprinkled in. I didn’t love it, and I think the reason was I was too distracted by his hairpiece. Ratty dyed black hair, and I think it (the hair) had a life of its own.

And yet in National Treasure, I can enjoy his silly dialogue delivery and enjoy the movie. Disney knows how to do wigs right, I think.

The recent trailer for The Scorcerer’s Apprentice (again by Disney) shows a really good hairpiece for Nicolas Cage, and I’m betting the movie is fairly entertaining too.

Thinking back to Gone in 60 seconds, he had a nice blonde short hairpiece. It was another great movie.

So my question is this, Is there a movie where his hair was truly awful, and he still put out a great performance?