Let me start out by saying that I have a natural weakness for Milla Jovovich that I have struggled with since the first Resident Evil movie.

I did not like the movie Resident Evil but I DID like Milla Jovovich. 

This is exactly how I expected to feel about A Perfect Getaway.  Yet here I am shortly after having watched the credits roll on the Unrated Director’s cut and all I can say is – “Wow. That movie did not Suck.”

They should put that on the Blu Ray – “Wow – this movie does not suck” – Brian McKevitt

So anyway, Milla Jovovich and her new husband Steve Zahn go on their Honeymoon to Hawaii and find themselves in the center of a murder mystery. Sort of. 

It’s really better than I’m making it sound. So I guess the lesson here is that if you have been holding off seeing A Perfect Getaway because you think it will suck; you should reconsider because that’s what I thought and I was wrong.

It did not suck.