There is a point when you see enough good movies in a row that you can call it a “streak”, and you may be wary of the next movie you see for fear of breaking that good run.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see that many movies for the past couple of years due to raising my infant son. Now that he’s 4 years old and more independent, I’ve had the ability and time to finally sit down and watch some movies.

During this holiday break, I’ve had the chance to watch Mad Detective, The Chaser and Redbelt. All three in a row, and while 3 is barely scratching the surface, I’m trying to be very selective in my next movie I watch for fear of ruining a possible great streak of movies.

Mad Detective was an extremely excellent quirky film by Johnnie To. I would describe it as MONK (from USA network) meets a twist on the 6th Sense. The ending was a little confusing, but just made me want to watch it over again.

The Chaser was an excellent Korean film that was a charmingly brutal, edge of your seat adventure of catch the killer.

Lastly, I saw Redbelt, which totally blew me away. Never had I wanted to stop watching a movie,  because of a main character’s never ending bad situational decisions.  Yet after watching the movie to its finality and understanding that will to fight, it brought forth that amazing feeling of redemption that I haven’t felt from a movie in a really really long time.

So what do I watch next to continue this streak? I’ve only been watching snippets of horror movies on Showtime, only because I know those movies will probably suck and I don’t want to blow a mini-streak on The Breed or Pumpkin Karver.  

I’m hoping I have some time to rent Star Trek. Hopefully that will make 4 good movies in a row.

Feel free to tell me how many movies in a row you think counts as a streak in the forums.