Santa was good to me this year. My Christmas booty, the highlights:

The Stanley Kubrick Archives-An insanely cool book from the equally insane Taschen. Hundreds of high quality photos and interviews of and about my favorite film director. My girlfriend picked this up for me; Shorty be right!

Super Mario Bros Wii-Proof that sometimes simple can be very effective. This is the real Mario sequel that I’ve been waiting years for. I find myself being charmed by the dancing turtles while simultaneously cursing the game for sending me to Mushroom Hell again. In Nintendo I trust.

The Monster Show-A cultural history of horror, as explored by the all knowing David Skal. About a quarter of the way through, and I gotta say; If you’re at all a fan of horror history, this is required reading. I had no idea that Bela Lugosi and Clara Bow once had an affair, or that Tod Browning once had a touring act where he would bury himself alive for days. Fascinating.

Horror Films Of The 1970’s, Vol 1 and 2-By John Kenneth Muir. Haven’t read these yet, but from the look of them they go pretty in-depth. My favorite genre of film in my favorite decade of film? Sold.

A couple bottles of beer-But not just any beer. My current beer obsession right now is Jolly Pumpkin, so my girl got me a bottle each of Maracaibo Especial and the seasonally appropriate Noel de Calabaza. Mmmm, bitch!

I hope everyone else had a happy Festivus, if you’re into such things! By the way, kids; For those of you wishing people a good Ramadan on Facebook, that started back in August, yo. And I’d like to wish everyone a happy New Year, as well!