So my son has this Nascar Race Track that he received for his birthday that is actually kind of fun. You get these Nascars that race on the rubber track. These cars will actually fly around the track and pass each other magically on the corners and spin each other into the “infield” carpet. It’s better than watching Nascar on TV. (Anything is better than watching Nascar on TV) 

These little cars run on an energy burst from a battery charge that you supply through the means of a mini-gas tank. Each car has a gas tank, but each tank works on every car. This is important, because the cars go faster when they are pumped with newer battery charges. The problem is that these gas pumps take TWO “C” batteries, and these cars are sucking the ever living shit out of these batteries.

Did you know that “C” batteries are f’n expensive.

A pack of 4 Duracell “C” batteries costs an average of $6. These cars can suck through a pair of “C” batteries in about 4 days. I thought I might have found a solution in buying some cheap Eveready Batteries. Those wouldn’t even charge the car up at all.

So yesterday I went on a mini-hunt for cheap batteries. Target was $6. The dollar store only had 2 packs at $3.50 a piece. Mathman told me that is $7 for 4 batteries, at the DOLLAR STORE.

I ultimately bought a 4 pack of Duracell “C” batteries for $5.99 from the local Food Lion, which was 1 whole cent cheaper than Target. Hopefully, this will last us through Christmas Day.

My question is this? Do you guys know where to get GOOD “C” batteries at an affordable price? Feel free to post your battery deals or anything you want on the message boards.