I was sitting in a McDonald’s Playland yesterday at noon eating my Big-N-Tasty w/cheese with my wonderful wife and son, and we were laughing at all the girls dressed in Princess outfits running around the play area.

“Oh they are having a little party,” I thought to myself. “How nice.”

Then it hit me. These kids are going to see “Princess and the Frog”. These girls ranged in age from 4 to 8 years old, each dressed as a different princess from one of the Disney movies. They were screaming and laughing, and it was kind of annoying. Disney cosplay too! And at such a young age. I never would have thought.

I had actually contemplated taking my son and my wife to see this very movie on this lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon. Holy Crap! I told my wife that these kids were going to the movie. Then our family decided NOT to go see the film.

“I don’t think I could take a whole theater of these screaming girls,” I told her. She agreed, we would stay home and watch some stuff on tv instead. Now I admit, I do want to see “The Princess and the Frog,” just for the New Orleans setting and music, but I think if the majority of the audience are 4-8 year old girls, it might ruin the experience.

So it is rare that I see movies. The first and only movie I have take my son to was “Partly Cloudy w/a chance of Meatballs.” He loved it, I loved it, and I hope to take him to more movies soon.  I just think I need to find the proper time to take him to see this Disney movie to avoid the princess effect.  I’m guessing in the late afternoon for less screaming girls and more adults would be better. We shall see.

For anyone else who saw this movie this weekend.. Did you have princesses in your theater during your screening? Feel free to chime in on the message boards.
I’d love to hear from you.