Zombieland is one of many “good not great” (or maybe “great not amazing”) out-of-left-field hits from 2009, but it is definitely the one I’m most excited to revisit. A perfectly serviceable horror comedy was elevated by wisely chosen actors married to genuinely sharp material. The guys behind that clever script are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernichave, and you may remember that CHUD exclusively broke the news a month ago that they would be the ones tackling the long-discussed Deadpool film, and now they have officially landed the gig with Fox (and by “officially,” I mean the trades caught up to it).

The Marvel mercenary will of course be played by Ryan Reynolds, who’s been a vocal force behind the film for some time. Nabbing another giant superhero franchise hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm, and Variety surmises that he may fit it in after Green Lantern wraps later this year (though there’s no schedule for Deadpool yet).

If the pair’s words sound as good coming from Reynolds as they do from Harrelson, then we can count on the film being genuinely funny- let’s hope Fox keeps it up and gets a director with the chops to handle the action, so we can really get excited about this one.

You’re like a giant… cock blocking robot, like developed in a secret fucking government MESSAGE BOARD.