I was going to let Devin’s blog complaining about cigars smokers go with out comment, but I can’t. He really should have credited George Carlin for his bit. Maybe I can explain what smoking cigars is about since he obviously has no clue. It’s about taste. This is something that has obviously escaped him.

Cigars have been enjoyed by royalty, politicians, thinkers, dreamers, scientists, writers and people from all walks of life. I am an unabashed cigar smoker. I have been loving the leaf since 1995 and don’t anticipate stopping anytime soon. Each type, brand, or make of cigar has its own unique taste and experience. Some cigars taste of coffee and chocolate, some have hints of spice and oil and all combinations of flavors in between.

Some cigars are harsh and some smooth and mellow. In short there is a cigar for almost each and every palette willing to try them. Because there is a cigar for each palette, people from all walks of life enjoy them. In my favorite establishment, Smokers Paradise (shameless plug), at any given visit you will be smoking cigars with business owners, retail salesmen, doctors, nurses, gas station workers, tennis pros, car sales managers, retirees, programmers and list goes on. In any other room at any other time these people may not have anything in common, but here in this place, with cigars burning there is a common thread that brings all walks of life together. Different ages, different religions, different cultures and all because of the cigar.

Cigars go with all sorts of drinks, some go better with scotch or bourbon while others go better with coffee or tea. I have enjoyed many a cigar over a cup of coffee, but rarely Starbucks, just too damn expensive for a lousy cup of coffee.*

It never fails to amaze me that the liberal whackos vilify smoking cigars. It seems that there is a presumption that all people who smoke cigars are rich, evil and therefore republican. I personally am all three so I can’t be used to disprove that statement, but I do know a lot of democrats who smoke cigars, they may be evil and some of them rich, but they aren’t republicans. I do think however that in Devin’s blog he goes a long way to demonstrate just how small minded and intolerant he is. I thought liberals were supposedly open minded and willing to embrace all different walks of life…

*If you’re interested try a Java Wafe cigar with a Caribou Rainforest coffee, its a beautiful way to start a weekend.

-David Wagner will not be held responsible if you find yourself compelled to by cigars by the box and dedicate a room to your humidor.