So I thought I’d add a list of hip hop artists and groups that have made waves this year in 2009 from the continent of Asia.  There is no order to the list below, just some music worth bumping. And with all hip hop, most of it is derivative, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it.

Drunken Tiger- Check out Drunken Tiger’s youtube channel.
This Korean group oozes hardcore rap. Watch the video for “Monster” and start ba bom bom bom bompin’.  
Seriously, did he just say “Fuckin’ in the front? Make the fist bump?” This video makes me smile everytime I watch it. Buy his newest at

LMF- (lazy mutha fucka?) Have Hong kong legends, LMF specifically ever really said what their initials stood for? Yet after disbanding in the early to mid 00’s LMF have reuinited briefly and released a new song this November entitled “Liberty” and it has that string section with rockin’ guitars that screams epic song.  Hear it on youtube now.
and if I knew where to legally buy the single, I would link it for you.

Jiggy Fellaz- “Yo Ye Yo” Yeah, these guys are named Jiggy Fellaz, that doesn’t mean that can’t have a great song. “Yo Ye Yo” could be the Korean answer to Onyx’s “Slam”.
Watch the youtube video and tell me what you think.

MC Mong- “Horror Show” I can’t help compare MC Mong to Eminem. You watch one of his videos, and they are so light-hearted,  funny and parody-filled, you gotta like the guy. The “Horror Show” video plays like a Scary Movie clip, watch it now. Also buy his repackaged Volume 5 which includes the Horror Show single at

Teriyaki Boyz- “Work That” + MORE.  Finally everyone’s favorite Teriyaki Boyz have released, just this week, their extremely huge CD+DVD combo “Delicious Japanese” which features 2 new tracks and many remixes of their biggest hits. I have yet to hear the hyped “Living the Life” single featuring Jay-Z, but I’m expecting it to hit the internets by this time next week.
Buy it at

you can youtube search for “Work That” feat Pharrell, but it contains a lot of booty shakin’ and ass, so I won’t directly link to it.

Well that’s it for this week, I’ll try to do a round up of J-pop and K-pop before the end of the year.

Feel free to add more of your favorite asian hip hop of 2009 in my thread in the forums..