I planned on blogging about some CD’s I ordered from Amazon a week and a half ago and giving my reviews for the site. The problem is that they have yet to arrive at my house.

Picking your shipping options is a big deal during the holiday season. One I obviously screwed up on.

USPS is cheap.
UPS is better, but you must weight the cost vs the reward. Signature not required, but sometimes you package might be left in plain sight for thievery.
FEDEX is the more expensive option and you must be present to sign for package (that means for me having to trek across town to the FEDEX hub for pickup).

I picked the cheapest shipping cost, which means the package goes through USPS. Tracking a package through the USPS is futile. According to the USPS, my package reached its destination on Nov 27th. Obviously that destination wasn’t my house, because I don’t have it. I understand it when items stay a couple days at the USPS city hubs and it should take a day or two to get from that hub to the mailbox. That still doesn’t explain how it can sit on the mail truck for 3 days when the nearest hub is 10 minutes from my house.

Most logical explanation: Thanksgiving Holidays and Christmas.

Reality: I play the waiting game. Everyday on from yesterday’s estimated date of arrival is a Hope vs. a Fear.

My Hope: It’s gotta come today. I’ll repeat this everyday until I get the package.

My Fear: Lost in the Mail or Stolen by the Mail Fairies

When to call Amazon: Already did. They said wait till the end of the week to report a problem.

So that’s the joy of online shopping. I’ll continue to wait for my CDs. If I do get my package this week, I’ll try my best to get some quick reviews up for the band FACT and Calvin Harris who both released U.S. albums in 2009.

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