The Film: World’s Greatest Dad.

The Principals: Bobcat Goldthwait (director). Bobcat Goldthwait (writer). Robin Williams. Daryl Sabara. Alexie Gilmore. Bruce Hornsby.

It’s like choosing which child you love the most.

The Premise: A good-natured nebbish of a dad tries his best to be a good father but is rebuffed by his asshole of a son, but when tragedy strikes he’s given an opportunity to turn it around. He takes that opportunity.

Goth sign language for Twilight..

Is it Good: It is good. It’s not the worldbeater you may have heard but it has some nice moments and a terrific central performance from the man formerly known as really talented. Bobcat’s crafted a nice little satire [if that’s even the right word for it] and there are some spot-on scenes that totally capture the bogus ways people react to situations. Were it not for Williams it probably wouldn’t have worked, this is a real good role for him and it makes one wonder what he could be if he’d spent more of the last twenty years actively pursuing and originating roles of weight. That said, considering how dark some of the subject matter is the film is awfully light. There are at least four montages, including a horrible one featuring a ghostly kid and while I could see how montages can be considered satire there’s at least two too many here.

It’s a nice little flick, but not one that’ll stick with you.

Is it Worth a Look: Yes.

Random Anecdotes: The girl who did the abortion poem is kinda sexy. I was upset that they barely touched on the subplot with the lit teacher and nerdy kid ‘investigating Lance’s “creative writing”. There’s pretty much no conflict, opposition, or any catalyst to inspire what happens at the film’s climax. I like what Bobcat’s doing, and I think his approach and demeanor very much suits a role behind the lens for years to come. Especially if he can lure talent like Robin Williams. Wow, Richard Kelly (who was a producer) was involved with an actually good movie.

Cinematic Soulmates: Election. Irreversible. Mrs. Deathfire.

“I call this work Young 20 Year-Old 40 Year-Old Virgin.”

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