In the second character premiere via toy within a week, we’re getting our first taste of Don Cheadle’s Iron Man duds from an action figure preview magazine. Bleeding Cool has a scan from Diamond Previews that gives a shadowy look at what War Machine looks like. The image is only a blacked-out profile, save for a closer peek at an accurate but disturbingly blank Cheadle face.

As one might expect, the profile gives the impression of a guy in a robotic suit, but it is clear War Machine isn’t going to have the sleek and slim look of the Iron Man suits. Between Mickey Rourke’s stripped down, enhancement-skeleton version of a power-suit and War Machine’s less-than-graceful kitchen-sink style, Tony Stark’s suit is going to look even slicker and higher-class than usual. Favreau must be going for serious contrast among all of his robot men.

Perhaps Marvel will be encouraged to get out in front of the leaks and release a nice high-res pic of War Machine- something that would actually be discernibly new.

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Source | Rich Johnston via Bleeding Cool