I’m calling it. Christmas toy for 2009. You want to know what is really the hot item for Christmas is?  The Hess car 2009.

My son had an early birthday yesterday with his grandparents and they presented him with the Hess Car for 2009. These babies just hit Hess gas stations in early November and they sell out fast.

What is so cool about the Hess Car? Well its been a Hess tradition since 1964 as the Hess Truck. This is the first year they have created a race car and it is Mind-blowingly awesome.

So how do you make a Hess race car awesome? Lots of lights. Flashing lights. Three different sounds. LOUD horns, car revs and motor start sounds. And finally, the big finale…

A race car inside the race car. Who was the genius behind this? Open the hood of the Hess race car and inside is a smaller race car that revs back and flies down the road, street, kitchen floor or hallway. 

Purely brilliant. My son loves it and so do I. Watch the holiday commercial for it on youtube and run out and buy one for your boy or girl today. (The cringe-worthy “Walk this Way” rework makes it even more awesome)