Christmas Came Early?
If you are celebrating Christmas this year, are you like me and have already received your Christmas gift? With Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and online stores battling each other for Christmas customers, there are insanely low prices on electronics this year.

I bought my wife an ACER netbook in September. That was her Christmas present. It included a 2-year warranty, very nice and red. Christmas came 4 MONTHS EARLY.

In October I celebrated my birthday with a new 32” HDTV for the bedroom. My wife picked up the tab and said it was birthday and Christmas combined. Yay? Yay.
Honestly, I’m loving my 32” LG. Mostly, because I can watch HD in the bedroom now, you know, while lying in my BED!  But again, Christmas came 3 MONTHS EARLY.

So Christmas for the parents is officially over. Sort of.
My son will open a ton of presents as usual, but everyone needs to open at least one present at Christmas. So the wife and I are doing the $25 limit on each other. You know that bit, right? You say “Don’t spend more than $25 on a gift, because we are broke and already have our Christmas presents.”

I’ll let you know how well both of us keep to this plan after Christmas.