The Film: The Last Supper.

The Principals: Stacy Title (director). Dan Rosen (writers). Cameron Diaz. Ron Eldard. Courtney B. Vance. Annabeth Gish. Jonathan Penner. Bill Paxton. Nora Dunn. Ron Perlman. Charles Durning. Mark Harmon (actors).

The Premise: Five liberal graduate students accidentally kill a guest over dinner, a dangerous person who they feel is a true threat to society. Soon they start having right-wing extremists over and decide their fate over dinner and a jar of poisoned wine.

I like Annabeth Gish already, but this scene takes it to a whole new level.

Is it Good: It’s an odd flick, and a very polarizing one. It’s also in way meant to be taken at face value. This is a fairy tale. But as someone who is somewhat naive and uneducated in the politics of the world, it’s a nice little bit of entertainment kept afloat by a decent array of interesting topics. Plus, the cast is fantastic. Plus, Annabeth Gish jerks off in a tight t-shirt.

The group of liberals [Vance and Eldard are standouts] ponder “what if we could kill Hitler before he became Hitler”, and then begin to take matters in their own hands. Of course, morals being what they are, what goes from being a black comedy takes us someplace where the lines between right and wrong and good and evil become blurry.

But it’s a fun ride. Watching it now, it’s not quite as great as I remember but it’s still a nice little delicacy.

I hate Nora Dunn already, but this scene takes it to a whole new level.

Is it Worth a Look: Yes. The cast is great. It’s got a lot of hot button issues. Lots of assholes die. Ron Perlman is insanely good. Nora Dunn gets hit with a shovel. Gish pulls off. These are all good things.

RON TV wasn’t nearly as successful as ED TV.*

Random Anecdotes: I could watch Annabeth Gish masturbate for like five minutes. Then after a little rest and a banana, watch it more. Mark Mothersbaugh’s music really works here. Ron Eldard is one of those guys I don’t understand why they’re not bigger stars. I wish I could hit Nora Dunn with a shovel. I wish they’d left the labels on the cigars. I want to know, dammit! I really like Annabeth Gish’s breasts.

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* Which wasn’t successful either, in no small part to the replacement of original star James Gammon with Matthew McConaughey.