The new teaser trailer for Clash of the Titans (watch it here) is filled with glimpses into the Greek mythological world as envisioned by director Louis Letterier. I’ve taken a Quicktime version of the trailer and gone through it frame by frame to showcase some of the cool monster designs in the film, filling in explanation wherever I can. If you’re like me it’s the monsters that will sell you on this film.

Not every monster is in the trailer, of course. Most notably absent: the Kraken.

Wood Man (that’s not his actual name). This is actually one of the good guys (I love when the good  guys have a monster on their team), and his skin is made of wood.

Medusa. The snake-haired, snake-bodied, stone-gazed beast returns in this version of Clash. I don’t have it any of these pictures, but if you watch the moment from which the second picture was taken you can see her bow on her back.

Calibos. A very different design from the original film. Jason Flemyng plays him. Cool sword, huh?

Harpies. These look to be the most unfinished effects in the trailer.

Skorpiochs. Giant scorpions? Fuck yes.

The Stygian Witches. This trio shares one eyeball, and they help Perseus on his quest… after some persuasion. Great, almost Guillermo del Toro-esque designs.

Pegasus. I almost missed this and then noticed that either this horse has a big ass or wings.

Zeus. Okay, he’s not a ‘monster,’ per se. But I like the new look of the gods in this version of Clash of the Titans. Gone are the silly toga party outfits and in are sleek, awesome suits of armor.