They say you can learn a lot about a person by seeing what they have on their DVR or Tivo. (I don’t know who really says that. In fact I made that up).

But I do consider the DVR to be just like a woman’s purse or man’s wallet, or one’s cell phone call history or personal internet history. You can learn a few things about a person, and I expect CSI or Psych to use this bit in one of their shows (Psych might have already done this).

Anyway, I shall share with you the contents of my living room DVR, because I have nothing to hide. I’m innocent.

Currently at 50% Full
Monster Jam- 3 episodes- The “Big A” episode has been tagged as “do not delete”. Grave Digger wins that one and my son cries when Grave Digger doesn’t win. He’s almost 4 years old.

Imagination Movers- 5 episodes- It’s an entirely new season of Rich, Dave, Scott and Smitty, and at some point I will need to delete some of these.

The Fresh Beat Band- 4 episodes-My son might watch a lot of TV but this show makes him get off his butt and go-go. It’s Kickin’.  (Ki-Ki says that. A lot).

Sukiyaki Western Django- One day I will get around to watching this movie.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express- Keeping it on the DVR is cheaper than buying the DVD. It’s Christmas themed so I’m thinking I’ll delete it December 25th.

CSI Miami-Monday Night’s Episode- The show has new life with the addition of comic-relief character CSI scientist, Walter. He’s from Louisiana and is quite funny. Besides Horatio is still a badass.

Naruto Shippuden- No Comment. Believe it.

Fringe- Observer Episode currently unseen.

So what does this say about me? First, it shows my son controls the living room TV. Secondly, I haven’t given up my love for anime or asian films. Thirdly, it assumes the wife watches more tv in the bedroom, and that would be a correct assessment. It also shows that my son doesn’t know how to work the remote (or why would I have Sukiyaki Western Django on the TV!). Finally, it does in fact show my current state of life. We use the tv as a big source of cheap entertainment at night. We are as broke as everyone else in this economy, and tv is an easy fix.
(And yes I’m probably rotting my son’s brain.)

What does your DVR say about you?
If you have taken the time to read this rambling of a post, why don’t you mosey over to the CHUD forums and gshare your DVR list. We might just dissect it and overly scutinize you! Join my little thread HERE.

Again. Thanks for reading.