The Film: Grace.

The Principals:
Written and Directed by Paul Solet. Starring Jordan Ladd, Stephen Park, Samantha Ferris, Malcolm Stewart, and Gabrielle Rose.

“Um, so what’s your favorite mid-80’s Kiss video?”

The Premise: Ex-Lesbian* loses her child in the womb thanks to a car crash but regains it upon delivery thanks to fiction. Was it her love that brought it to life or is it a filthy nightmare creation? Now husbandless and with a living dead baby the doting mother must go above and beyond to provide for her spawn. This includes feeding it blood and/or cranking up the Celtic Frost lullabyes.

Is it Good:
It is, though it’s not going to blow your doors off and is nowhere near as hard to watch as you’d be led to believe. I think the folks who fainted at Sundance were either low on blood sugar or had someone down their bloodline screw a goat. It has disturbing elements and I’ve heard that it hits parents harder than singlefolk, but I have two little beings (including an infant) and it’s still just another horror flick.

But it’s a smart one and paced like a real movie. It’s not an opportunistic or shallow entry in the crowded and mostly mediocre genre. So, that’s good.

Why it’s on FUCK KIDS week: Well, let’s see… there’s a newborn undead kid who enjoys the blood of the living.

Missed Opportunity: No usage of Leo Rossi’s ‘Amazing Grace’ cover from Halloween II.

Every time I try to write something funny I just stare at this.

Though it did take me some time and extensive use of Photoshop’s magic wand and clone features to remove Richard Tyson from the image.

Is it Worth a Look: It is. But keep your expectations in check. Unless you have a lactation fetish. Then, buy eleven copies of this one.

Random Anecdotes: It’s nice to see a blurb on the cover. It’s obviously a Devin quote but I think it’s so much classier when you see the site being focal and not the individuals. That’s a decision made by studios, and I think it helps the sites. Especially if they’re blurbing some fucking plant or pseudonym. Something about “A Great Movie! – Boushh99″ cheapens a blurb. Jordan Ladd is very sexy. The guy playing her husband is Blanderson McDreadful III. I love the photography of this flick. The CGI flies are crap, as many have mentioned. Kudos to Solet for having restraint. In the post-Saw world I’m surprised this flick isn’t called ZOMBBABY or some stupid shit.

Cinematic Soulmates: A little Polanski, a little Cronenberg, a little Otik.

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* – You’re never an ex-lesbian forever, as most guys either unwillingly or willingly find a way to disappoint.