I just finished checking out the extremely cool live action adaption of the Blood – The Last Vampire Anime by director Chris Nahon and the production team behind Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon.

All in all it’s a pretty good use of ninety one minutes but the real reason to rent this flick aside from all the kick ass kung fu action and unflinching Tarantino-esque blood and guts is one of the extras.

Behind the Stunts is NOT to be missed.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if it’s gonna change the way behind the scenes features are presented because it’s actually by the numbers in that regard; but the real reason to watch this thing is to see the colossal beat down the poor lead actress suffers throughout the production. From being bashed in the head with a camera crane to being tossed around on wires like a maniacal marionette, seeing the conviction that Gianna Jun brought to the table as Saya actually made me enjoy the movie more.

That actually came in handy because the absolutely craptastic CGI work on the demons is almost enough to ruin the whole thing.  Seriously – it’s like Ed Wood with an iMac.