I’m looking to get out of the cable TV world, but I know many of you are happy with your service. But I also know that some of you have noticed that Time Warner has dropped FEARnet On Demand, the when you wanna watch horror channel, from your cable line-up.

The channel isn’t taking this lying down. They’re calling out to Time Warner subscribers to speak up and ask for their blood and gore back. Here’s an email I got from FEARnet.com associate editor Joe McCabe:

You might have heard that Time Warner and Brighthouse just dropped FEARnet On
Demand from their cable networks. As a fellow genre film lover, I’m sure you’ll
agree that – with Monsters HD going under – we need a decent horror channel on
TV. And since we’re planning to unspool a lot of cool flicks on FEARnet in the
days ahead – like the unedited ‘Midnight Meat Train’, ‘Phantasm’, ‘Army of
Darkness’, and ‘Hostel II’ – we want the fans to be able to see them! Could you
please let your users know that if they’d like to see FEARnet On Demand back on
Time Warner, they should call 1-877-FEAR-247? We’ll connect them with our cable
operator and they can let them know that they want FEARnet. (Please note that
for some cable subscribers, FEARnet is available on AT&T U-Verse and Verizon

Make your voice heard! The unedited Midnight Meat Train is pretty cool, and you deserve a chance to see it. Make sure there’s horror on your cable box besides the Oxygen Network.