There are things a-poppin over at the Chicks Watching network.  But hidden within a story on the CW is confirmation of another story that had been rumored about for a while: Smallville Season 9 is a go.  Variety reported recently that CW has renewed six of their signature shows for next season, of which Smallville was one.  The other five shows include 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, America’s Next Top Model, and – in a big sigh of relief for yours truly – Supernatural.  Now, other than Smallville and Supernatural, I could give a flying fart about the other shows.  However, the fact that Clark is coming back for even another go-round was a surprise when the possibility first came up, and now that it’s official, it’s no less so. 

Smallville has actually caught a second wind this season as it shed much of the albatrosses that had dragged it down the last few years.  I’m hoping that the showrunners say screw it and go full-on Supes in this new season, although I’m not going to hold my breath.  But the big news is that Supernatural gets to keep kicking my ass for at least another year.  My manlove for this program has been clearly displayed in reviews of both DVDs and this current season’s episodes.  It’s the demon love child of Angel and X-Files and like the former show, it just keeps getting better each season.  So it looks like the former WB at least learned its lesson from how it treated that show.  I’m definitely riding the Winchester train all the way back to hell (yes it sounds gay, no I don’t care).

In other CWHUD news, among the shows still on the bubble is freshman show Privileged, which I’ve not seen seen, mostly because I’m the wrong demographic, age and sex.  And in the “who could possibly give a shit” section of the article, it was also mentioned that the CW gave a pilot order for Ashton Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life, an ensemble drama set in the world of modeling.  Unless Adriana Lima is showing up unclothed every episode, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be elsewhere during its airing.