Everyone pays attention to the stuff going on in front of the camera, and for a good reason since that’s where shit happens.
With that in mind, the connective tissue between scenes is often
dismissed, ignored, or forgotten in the mix. Many times, filmmakers
want transitions (wipes, cuts, dissolves, etc.) to be transparent so as
to aid in the storytelling. Sometimes… they choose a method that
leaves a mark on our psyche. What follows is a handful of our favorite,
whether they be inventive, hilarious, dumb, or just plain unbelievable.

Behold, CHUD.com’s favorite transitions!

Brotherhood of the Wolf (buy it from us!) is a lovely smash-up of genres, elegantly made and loaded with moments that will have you believe.

You will believe that Mark Dacascos can be a bad ass and look good while doing it.

You will believe that Samuel Le Bihan comes from the David Lee Roth gene pool.

You will believe that Vincent Cassell knows his way around a telescoping bone sword (slang!).

and You will believe that no mountain range should exist without previously having been the naked curves of Monica Bellucci.

For all its terrific action, big ideas, and gorgeous naked moments, nothing comes close in Christophe Gans mini-classic to the best film transition of all time… when the camera moves up the naked form of Monica Bellucci (playing a Whore/Vatican Assassin… of course) which dissolves to the next scene in the snowy mountains as the trek to find the vicious beast at the film’s center plotline. Ass curves become foothills and breasts become delicious peaks and my love for geography goes through the roof.

Ludicrous. Visionary. Silly. Brilliant.

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