Everyone pays attention to the stuff going on in front of the camera, and for a good reason since that’s where shit happens. With that in mind, the connective tissue between scenes is often dismissed, ignored, or forgotten in the mix. Many times, filmmakers want transitions (wipes, cuts, dissolves, etc.) to be transparent so as to aid in the storytelling. Sometimes… they choose a method that leaves a mark on our psyche. What follows is a handful of our favorite, whether they be inventive, hilarious, dumb, or just plain unbelievable.

Behold, CHUD.com’s favorite transitions!

Deep Cover
(buy it from us) is a fun little movie featuring one of the last “Larry” Fishburne
performances and glorious scene-stealing ham courtesy of Jeff Goldblum,
loaded with crime and drugs and scenes where Clarence Williams III
trembles with menace. Extremely quotable (“Yeah we’ll have barbecued JUMBO shrimp, you motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”),
dusted with blacksploitation sauce, and directed with low-fi aplomb by
Bill Duke, it’s a nice curiosity that gets little to no attention.

It also features a homeless wipe.

No, not the product from Unkleenex. A transition where a troubled
Fishburne mourns the shooting death of a partner segues to Golblum and
Fishburne waiting for… something. How did Mr. Duke and his
crackerjack editing team handle taking us from this moment of grueling
anger to the calm and collected later moment? By wiping with a homeless
man walking across the screen. Folks, fuck Orson Welles right in his
puckered funhole. This is Deep Cover and it has a homeless wipe. YOU.


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