Click the image to enHUGEen it.

Some of you readers need to cool it. Yesterday I ran a brilliant news item before running out the door not realizing that David Oliver had written a luscious news item about the same thing two days before. A handful of assholes [on the talkbacks, which is par for the course] gave me shit about the duplicate news item and how we’ve jumped the shark. News flash, we’ve done duplicate articles during the Koukol/Manka years, the Nunziata/Davis years, and the Faraci/Fischer years and we’ll do it again. My excuse yesterday was that we rarely post enough content on Saturdays and I had a few minutes and massive enthusiasm for the trailer.


The folks who made the movie have given us a reason to post again, a brand new one-sheet for the film, which you can make giant by clicking on the image above. It continues the steady stream of delicious minutia for Black Dynamite. Between our new president and this film, I think the world is becoming a better place.