Since this morning, and all day when I was sitting on ass, I’ve had a singular thought reverberating through my mind….The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”. Damnit Spike Jones, you have some great taste!

The trailer for Where The Wild Things Are made its web debut this week, which was enough to give geek boners to all whom watched in it’s beautiful HD presentation. So many great things were a part of that few minutes….bloated monsters, that little kid and his suit, and last but not least, the voice of Tony Soprano!

Admittedly, I’m more of a Jones fan than an admirer of the children’s book. There isn’t much to it, and I think the dialog clocks in at a whopping 43 words! Hollywood knew that it would take a visionary director to develop this into a tangible movie. I’m glad their heads where out of their asses and Jones was the pick. He has a long career of telling stories in a deeply visual and cerebral sense. From his music videos to his movies, there is a lot on his resume that brings him to this point.

Jones made this guy fly

As mentioned before, W.T.W.T.A. lacks content. To an adult, the book can be recited in ones sleep. Jones was clearly able to read in-between the lines. The book conveyed much more aesthetically, which was 100% the responsibility of the illustrations. There was always something ominous and creepy about those pictures, and I remember being specifically afraid of them when I was young.

Honestly, that’s fucked up

I’m not going to dissect the trailer scene-by-scene, but it clearly shows that the Jones holds true to the story AND make a lot of exciting additions. And much is to be anticipated by the acting/voice talent within this movie. Catherine Keener is always a delight. James Gandolfini and Tom Noonan as monster voices…I’d buy that for a dollar.

I’ve provided a link to this for your viewing pleasure. The movie’s release date (as of today) is October 19th, so look to CHUD for updates.