I can’t stop watching Jon & Kate Plus 8.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s a reality-based series following the lives of two parents (that would be Jon and Kate) and their eight — that’s right, EIGHT — children.

I first tuned in because I thought it was going to be yet another show about a kooky religious family in the Mid-West.  However, I was surprised to find out that Kate has only been pregnant twice.  Her first pregnancy delivered twins and her second pregnancy presented the family with 6 kids.  Yikes.  So it wasn’t a show about crazy wing-nuts.  Dang.

Regardless, I’m somewhat addicted to the show.  I can’t really place why.  Their story, aside from the bizarre pregnancies, isn’t all that interesting.  I mean, it’s just kids being kids.  They whine, cry, scream, make messes.  The parents are fairly normal.  They argue, sometimes a lot, and don’t seem insane.  Kate is kind of a jerk sometimes, but she did push eight children out of her vagina so I give her a pass.  Jon seems to be a push-over, agreeing to whatever Kate wants.  Again, he probably just remembers the time that she squeezed eight human beings out of her vagina.  That rationalizes a lot.

There’s just something about this show.  I don’t really like it but I keep watching it.   I’m not that great around children (they terrify me) so maybe this is like a horror show to me, showcasing my worst nightmare.  The family is given exclusive opportunities because of their fame so maybe it’s watching those unique trips (they met Oprah!) that interests me.   Whatever the reason, I like watching Jon & Kate Plus 8.  In fact, I’m watching the marathon right now.

Recently, the family’s story has been all over the tabloids because of some suggestive photos of Jon with college co-eds.  Nothing too sexual in the pictures, just shots of an apparently drunk Jon posing with pretty girls.  Naturally, everyone assumed that Jon was cheating on Kate.  While I definitely don’t condone adultery (Kate’s pretty and, through the fighting, seems to love him) I can understand being fearful of sex.  This guy seems to have some sort of super sperm.   Any sexual contact could mean eight more kids.  Hell, maybe more.  Maybe ten kids.  I think he might be cursed.  However, the couple seem to have worked through their problems.  At least that’s what the promos for next week’s episode suggest.

I know I’m rambling but I just needed to justify this interest.  I need to write down all aspects of the show and get to the bottom of my inability to turn it off.  This is a show that housewives watch.  It’s on TLC for Christ’s sake!  So why is this 22 year old male recording it on his DVR?

I have no idea.  So help me God this pack of ten will be the death of me.