As an interesting bit of counter-programming towards Indiana Jones, Uwe Boll’s latest masterpiece Postal was supposed to open in wide release this week, the only other film to do so. It wasn’t going to be a slouch, either… 1,500 theaters would be graced with the sight of Dave Foley’s penis.

All that changed over the weekend, however, as the theatrical distributers decided to drop it last minute. Now, Postal will open in a shocking 4 theaters. FOUR. Repeat that to yourself and try not to chuckle a bit.

Uwe Boll’s going bananas over the deal on the official site, rightfully. It is shitty that they would pull the film like this and basically fuck him over on any chance of success, but his ranting about the importance of the film is way off. Sure, it’s controversial, but it’s also an incredibly sloppy film, one which bored me to tears (review here). If I hadn’t seen the man in person I wouldn’t have ever believed that he was serious about all of this, but he is. He does think Postal is a good film, one which exposes lies in the government and the absurdity of current events. He’s very misguided. As silly as it sounds, if you want political satire in your irreverent blood and guts horror/comedy film, head on over to Troma and Poultrygeist (which has been actually been cleaning up the last two weekends in NYC, in its opening week getting the second highest per screen behind Iron Man!)

So, since basically none of you will get the chance (bad luck?) to see Postal till it hits dvd or late-night cable, here’s the opening scene to enjoy. This is the best part of the film and the only reason to see it whatsoever.