I feel vindicated.  My favorite director is finally getting the respect he deserves.

Mr. Danny Boyle’s latest film, the incredible Slumdog Millionaire is taking everyone by storm.  The movie is fantastic, a kinetic, awe-inspiring love story that is unlike anything else in theaters.  It’s truly, truly impressive.

Of course, I’ve said this about all of Boyle’s work (don’t mention The Beach.  Don’t!)  Think about it; since 28 Days Later he has not released a bad movie.   I know some folks here at CHUD don’t care for Sunshine like I do (I made my brother watch it for the first time the other night) but we can all agree that the man is a risk-taker and very inventive.  And now it looks like he’s got a damn good shot at nabbing some long-deserved awards.  And, to his credit, he’s gotten to this point by not altering his view, not changing who he is.  There is a beauty in Slumdog Millionaire that just wouldn’t be present in a mainstream film by any other director.  His ability to film how he wants enhanced this story so much.  And it’s grabbed the attention of critics and movie-goers because of its spirit and energy.  Danny Boyle has made a hit by reamining himself.

My brother asked me what my favorite film by him is.  It took me a second to think about it but I still claim that 28 Days Later is his best.  Maybe it’s because that’s my favorite of his work or because I’m a massive horror fan but I truly think he did the most with that movie.  That’s not to say his other films are bad in any way.  The man has changed from so many genres and so many stories and yet hasn’t changed at all.  A Danny Boyle film feels different from any other filmmaker.  Every movie will have that energy and will therefore be appealing to me.

I’m happy for him.  He’s only getting better with age.  And I hope that his earlier films get another look from mainstream movie-goers.  I know that film fans like ourselves have always respected the man but it’s good to hear my dad mention his name and his movies. 

And now maybe he can make 28 Months Later.