Joe The Plumber has a website, ladies and gentlemen.

Click me…unless you’re a socialist.

Fifteen minutes of fame?  How about fifteen years?  Joe The Plumber is here to stay, America!  And he’s just going to keep on doing what he’s been doing!  That’s right, he’s going to…wait, what does he do?  Isn’t this quest for celebrity just about done.  Why can’t someone just offer him a radio show so he’ll go away?

To be honest, I had no real qualms with Mr. The Plumber at first.  I thought he was just taken advantage of by a dying campaign, a campaign ad come to life.  Every citizen has the right to ask questions of presidential candidates.  He was exercising his right.   

But then it became apparent that he wasn’t an independent voter.  He was obviously a Republican who was going to vote for John McCain.  And he wasn’t asking PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA (sorry) that famed question because he wanted an answer.  Joe The Plumber was trying to catch Obama off-guard, he was trying to make him look bad.  He was attempting a political hit job.  Great job, Joe.  Really got Obama on that one, didn’t you?

I just saw him on Hannity (and Colmes).  He’s now continuing his fight against our next president, claiming that he is a socialist.  In fact, when asked by Mr. Colmes if Barack Obama is loyal to this country, Joe The Plumber couldn’t give an answer.  That’s a very independent opinion.  And by independent I mean mentally unsound. 

I hate when people lie to me.  That’s probably why Mr. Bush and I didn’t get along.  That and because of Bush’s habit of being a complete asshole.  As well, I hate that Joe The Plumber was portraying himself as a neutral, open-minded voter.  And now he assumes that this website he’s launched will hold Obama to task, will keep him on the straight and narrow.  This is about democracy in action!  Joe The Plumber is trying to keep his country pure and whole!  Oh, and his book is coming out soon. 

He makes me so mad.  I am typing so hard right now.

Go away, Joe The Plumber.  Honestly, just leave.  Your book can come out and then you can go away forever.  The fact that you are attempting to be cast as an Independent is just silly.  You are a Republican and you are fighting a fight for them.  You are following their talking points to a T.  And because of that I will treat you like I treat the other Republican talking heads. 

Besides, there is only one plumber I’ve ever trusted: