I’m not keeping up too well here, but here’s a short entry
to hopefully drum up a little interest in my failing little blog. So here’s a
little game I made up for the horror movie holiday coming up on Friday. I’m
sure many of you know what a Giallo film is, but just in case you don’t –


Giallo Film: A series of (originally) Italian made films,
usually concerning a murder mystery, and usually made using garish colour
pallets and aggressive camera techniques. Gialli are named after the yellow
covers adorned by most 1920s-1960s crime thrillers in Italy. Gialli
are often defined by graphic violence and lewd nudity, and are often credited
as the forerunners of the Slasher genre.


The Giallo genre was made popular by Mario Bava, but really
picked up steam in the early ‘70s after Dario Argento’s Bird with the
Crystal Plumage was an unexpected international hit. Hundreds of Argento
inspired flicks followed, including unnecessarily long titles, which became a
bit of a competition between filmmakers.


I propose a Halloween game inspired by these long titles –
write your best poem or song, any style, using only these titles. Small conjunctions
are allowed to tie the titles together. Here’s a list to work from, though feel
free to find titles I haven’t.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Blood and Black Lace (aka: Fashion House of Death, Six Women
for the Murderer)

The Bird with the Crystal

Five Dolls for an August Moon

Lizard in a Woman’s

The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh

The Cat o’ Nine Tails

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (Dario Argento, 1971)

Short Night of the Glass Dolls

Death Laid and Egg

Death Has No Sex

Twitch of the Death Nerve

The Case of the Bloody Iris (aka: What Are Those Strange
Drops of Blood Doing On Jennifer’s Body?)

Death Knocks Twice

So Sweet…So Perverse

Don’t Torture a Duckling

The Lady of the Lake

A Blade in the Body

Who Saw Her Die

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

What Have You Done to Solange?

They’re Coming to Get You (aka: All the Colors of the Dark)

Torso (aka: The Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence)

Eyeball (aka: The Devil’s Eye, The Eye, The Secret Killer,
Wide-Eyed in the Dark)

A Dragonfly for Each Corpse

Deep Red (aka: Profondo Rosso , The Hatchet Murders, The
Sabre Tooth Tiger)

Strip Nude for Your Killer

The House with Laughing Windows

The Psychic (aka: Murder to the Tune of the Seven Black
Notes, Seven Notes in Black)

The Blood Stained Shadow

A Blade in the Dark

The New York

Terror at the Opera


If I get any responses I’ll post them on Friday.